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Due to the constantly growing range of 
food and feed in the industry, it is 
becoming increasingly difficult to make 
the right choice or composition of the diet.


The nutrition of humans and animals is
an essential part of a healthy lifestyle
and the basis for wellbeing and fitness
factors. Aktimampf relies on individual care and
adjustment of nutrition or feeding and
lifestyle, including consideration of all
likes, dislikes, illnesses and personal time
expenditure, with consideration of medical
aspects and always current scientific
knowledge. As a long-time dietician and certified dog
and cat nutritionist, I offer my clients -
humans and animals - a holistic vital
My expert advice includes professional,
individual, species-appropriate or
needs-based, as well as enjoyable
care including nutritional and diet
advice, exercise management and the
sale of feed and food supplements. Through the interdisciplinary cooperation
with hospitals, doctors, veterinarians,
physiotherapists, energetic specialists, etc., it is possible to put together an individual care program, taking into account likes, dislikes, religion, culture, time and financial resources and thus achieving a maximum quality of life for each client . I look forward to working with you to
significantly improve your personal
wellbeing and lifestyle factor and
to make a sustainable contribution
to your health!


Yours Verena Kirchmair-Sailer, Dipl. DA

zertifizierte Hunde-& Katzenernährungsberaterin
Diplom Sporternährungswissenschaften

Whatever you can do

or DREAMS to be able to


 J.W. von Goethe