As a dietician, I have the expertise to 
put together a nutrition program 
that is personally tailored to 

First advice (about 45 minutes)  € 65,-

Follow-up advice including evaluation 

of the food diary (about 1 hour) € 80,-

Dog & Cat

You would like to 
find the individually suitable 
food for your healthy, vital, 
active four-legged friend, offer 
a satisfactory amount of rations 
and feed them appropriately and 
with sufficient nutrients.

Your animal suffers from an illness.

As a certified dog and cat nutritionist, 
I work under the supervision of the attending veterinarian and can work out targeted supportive nutritional intervention in the case of special metabolic situations, 
intolerances and nutritional malfunctions.

Elaboration of anamnesis questionnaire

including ration check or ration calculation

€ 60 per hour

Dog & owner - fit in the team

TOGETHER instead of LONELY - you 

and your four-legged partner want 

to make your life fit and vital, 

change your lifestyle sustainably, 
healthy and full of enjoyment.

H&H package - targeted holistic 
couples program - includes:

Initial discussion including 
elaboration of the anamnesis questionnaire

4 sessions for dog and owner including 
ration calculations and elaboration of the nutrition protocols

Exercise tips

Package price € 450, -


You sell or sell food or feed, 

dog accessories or nutritional 

supplements and want competent employees 

in nutritional matters who can offer 

your customers expert information and 

sales advice.

Food hygiene or allergens in food - 

training for companies, 

institutions and training centers - 

you've come to the right place.

As a dog club or dog handler, 

you are very interested in the 

fitness factor and the optimal state 

of health of your dogs, targeted 

specialist lectures on breed and 

performance-specific nutrition 

are of interest to you.

Workshop and training from € 220